What I want people to know.

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With many of the blogs/web /facebook pages that I have found related to Cancer, they all seem to have this in common. The author’s personal opinion of a top 10 list of things that are pet peeves, or things that they wish people knew. So here is mine…..but it won’t be 10.

Newsletters from the… monkey?

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I was learning about email lists, email campaigns and put out a newsletter focused on mental health.. after 6 months I decided that is was taking content away from the blog content… so, they are all linked here now.

Is June kids with Cancer month?

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For Cancer patients, every month is awareness month. Co-incedentally, I know a bunch of guys (mostly not connected) that are all raising funds for kids with Cancer this month. Please consider supporting…. oh, and a bit of an update too.

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