June update – just a little tardy

June is a little behind schedule, but I have good reasons.
really, I do.

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Feb 2017 update and waiting, why are we still waiting?

One thing the military did help me with is waiting.  Note that I didn’t say patience… that is a different animal all together.  Hurry up and wait is a Sun Tzu –esqe hallmark of military life.  It prepared me well for my time waiting to know what is next in my cancer journey.

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Priorities – a shift in strategy?

In 2016, many of my blog posts were scheduled, planned on a spreadsheet, and determined well in advance. 2017, I want to be more impulsive, unscheduled, and unpredictable.

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BCG #19, and Floating.

As 2016 heads towards then end, I drop some thoughts about sensory deprivation aka floating, BCG, and mental health going forward.

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Newsletters from the… monkey?

I was learning about email lists, email campaigns and put out a newsletter focused on mental health.. after 6 months I decided that is was taking content away from the blog content… so, they are all linked here now.

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May Update

Update for the beginning of May. Main update on my health and well being, and a sneak peek ahead at other blog posts, intentions and ideas.

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Living with Cancer

April 1st update – Living with Cancer

General update on living with Cancer – April 2016.

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hijacked from gotbladdercancer.blogspot.com

BCG at full throttle

Well, it looks like the BCG shortage is really over, Session #4, which is treatments # 13 – #15 this month.

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BCG – Understood?

I have mentioned BCG in the past, but when I went for treatment number 10, I was told that due to the shortage I would only get 1/3rd dosage.  Being the inquisitive sort (some, including my wife – think anal retentive is a better term), I decided I would do some more research via the internet to learn more about the shortage. But first, the long version of BCG.  Bacllus-Calmette-Guerin is a form of bovine Tuberculosis that is considered the gold standard for Bladder Cancer treatment (other than an outright bladder removal).  The full dose is 81 mg, mixed with 50 ml of saline solution that is inserted into your… Read More

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