Common Courtesy

Some may consider this a rant, I consider it an observation. I have been debating this completely off topic post for a few days now, and a FB post from a friend prompted me to it immediately. It could very easily be considered a rant, because there will be a level of profanity (I promise), a little bit of outrage, and some snarkiness directed to members of society.

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Cruise with a Cause

The CwaC is a fundraising event involving a motorcycle ride to a number of communities in British Columbia and Alberta, and in the past included members of CBCs Heartland cast.

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RIP Barry Tait

I was listening to a podcast from a fellow Cancer patient recently, and he was recounting a story that he heard on another podcast from comedian Norm Macdonald.  When a person dies of Cancer, it doesn’t really really count as losing the battle, as technically, the Cancer that is withing his body, dies to.  So, this counts as a tie. Well, my old friend Barry forced Cancer to settle for a tie recently.  After 17 years of living with Cancer, it returned with a vengance this year.  He was 76. I first met Barry in 1981, when they moved from the big city to the sprawling lands of the Lower… Read More

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Charity rides and motorcycle events

I am enjoying this time to recharge and rebuild as I am on a break between cycles of treatment.  I ended up with an extra 2 months in between, but more about that in another update.  This gives me time to volunteer or find things that I can look towards the future for. I have found that my future is still a pretty blank canvas, so having something that I can help build its future, it pretty cool.  This means that charity rides and motorcycle events are actually a pretty big deal in my world these days.  I have the time to work on planning some – so I do.… Read More

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September update

Sorry that it has been awhile, fairly busy summer overall. To add some details and examples to the video about the lack of support for Bladder Cancer.  I can’t even get Alberta Cancer Foundation, or the Alberta Cancer society, to retweet information about Bladder Cancer awareness, and the fundraising walk on social media. The only explanation people can think of is that the awareness walk doesn’t give funds to either of these entities – well doesn’t that put us in a catch 22 situation, because we don’t have enough visibility to raise any funds… part of the problem with Bladder Cancer being at the bottom of the list.  So, if… Read More

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Living with Cancer

More riding therapy

Hello all, It has been a busy summer, and I have managed to get my recommended doses of motocyclene.  I have attended a number of charity rides and events, and I think that it is theraputic for me. I am getting ready to head off on the Cruise with Cause tonight, the first event is tomorrow(saturday Aug 28).  Please check out the website HERE, and the Facebook page OVER HERE. I have amassed a large number of photos, and video that I am working on putting together, as I know I need to put out another video….. soon. I have already told you a bit about the Wheels for our Wounded Poker… Read More

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