Motocyclene Therapy

I was reading another Bladder Cancer blog and came across a post that I thought was pretty good…. outside of the Cancer, we have riding in common. motocyclene therapy I have mentioned before that my mental spirit, and focus is not where I want it to be… so, I am hoping to adopt this as a philosophy – “a common term to describe the endorphin effect that occurs when riding for a while.  Others call it “clearing the cobwebs out of the brain” or other metaphors, but the term Motorcyclene Therapy is one that both resonates and works“.   I have used riding as my fresh air through the brain… Read More

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BCG – Understood?

I have mentioned BCG in the past, but when I went for treatment number 10, I was told that due to the shortage I would only get 1/3rd dosage.  Being the inquisitive sort (some, including my wife – think anal retentive is a better term), I decided I would do some more research via the internet to learn more about the shortage. But first, the long version of BCG.  Bacllus-Calmette-Guerin is a form of bovine Tuberculosis that is considered the gold standard for Bladder Cancer treatment (other than an outright bladder removal).  The full dose is 81 mg, mixed with 50 ml of saline solution that is inserted into your… Read More

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Living with Cancer

Things that make you think…

So, I mentioned that I try to keep myself busy by volunteering.  I helped produce a poker run that raised a few thousand dollars for a couple of charities that support PTSD etc.  Check out Kate at The Long Way Home I am also an organizer for the Cruise with a Cause – most already know that… big things coming there, but I am not going to say anything here yet.   I have been following a bunch of events, partially due to a motorcycle connection, partially due to me watching a million youtube videos….. what I really want to know – is how to get this job?.. check out  Worlds… Read More

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