Living with Cancer

More riding therapy

Hello all, It has been a busy summer, and I have managed to get my recommended doses of motocyclene.  I have attended a number of charity rides and events, and I think that it is theraputic for me. I am getting ready to head off on the Cruise with Cause tonight, the first event is tomorrow(saturday Aug 28).  Please check out the website HERE, and the Facebook page OVER HERE. I have amassed a large number of photos, and video that I am working on putting together, as I know I need to put out another video….. soon. I have already told you a bit about the Wheels for our Wounded Poker… Read More

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Rest in Peace Brian.

I was looking at a number of items that I haven’t completed… I have 4 blog posts in draft format, dating back to mid June.  I have hours of video, mostly unedited, quite a bit not yet viewed, and still a full memory card in the camera – not downloaded. I was feeling sorry for myself when the email came in.  A very good friend and mentor had passed after a brief, but vigorous, battle with cancer.  I reflected upon the past, and poured a rum and coke in his honour. After my diagnosis and move to Edmonton last year, Brian was one of the few people from my past… Read More

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My “One Week”

I wanted to take a trip, and make it my version of “One Week”.  There was no inspiration from a Tim Hortons cup, or other similarities to the movie, and Cancer news is already over a year old.  But, I want to take advantage of every opportunity to take advantage of life, before I become a patient that can’t. Road trips for us are fairly common, we drove most everywhere over the years, now as the kids have moved on to their own places and lives, I do more by motorcycle, and hope to continue doing so for many years to come. I delayed my start by a day, mostly… Read More

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