A new month is upon us,
the leaves have changed colour, there is a chill in the air, and the motorcycle is likely about to be put away for its winter hibernation.  Well – once I have a garage built.

The biggest challenge that I have had in the last month is mastering a new routine.  My wife has done the lions share of turning our new house into a home.  So, I had to just work on the outside stuff, and get back into a new normal routine.
Physically, my body is not liking the change, and I need to learn to listen a little better to it.  I think that it is a logical by-product of the last few months.  Based on the repetition of the last 4 years, I believe that my body was expecting the summer treatments to knock it back down again, with substantial rest.  But instead – it was subjected to substantially increased activity with a move nearly all the way across Canada (well ok – 5000 kilometers/3000 miles of it anyway), and then a greatly increased daily routine of going back to an office 5 days a week.  Of course that makes weekends busier getting errands done.

Just like changing up your lifestyle for a weight loss program or new workout plan – your body will take its own measures to protect itself while it processes the change.  I can notice these things, I just haven’t quite figured out how to help my body adapt to this one.

Mentally, I am liking the new routine.  4 years without “purpose” is a long time.  It is good to have some tasks to do.  The tasks aren’t challenging, but I have things to look forward to doing now.

Even things like getting up in the morning when the alarm goes off – it’s a task I didn’t really need to complete for most of the last 4 years.  Get out the door and into traffic for a commute – it’s a task in the new routine (not as much as it sounds really).

Some of the biggest factors that contributed to the futuristic limbo are now answered.  This gives me a timeline to plan for, and a known location (here).  For the last 4 years, I couldn’t have told you where or when I would need to have my world organized.  Now I know, and it’s a huge relief to have that knowledge.  I can build a plan to achieve that final goal.

The real challenge becomes – how to “grow up and get a real job”.

This is where I really need to ask myself – do I need to or do I want to?

I have a few valid options for my employment future, and many different paths that I can take over the next couple of years to get there.  But the main challenge becomes – when do I need to decide which path to take?
This becomes a procrastination dream or nightmare, depending on your perspective.

The decision could actually be simple – find which path keeps the most options open – choose that.  But I don’t wanna.
So, me being me, I am looking at how to go down multiple paths at the same time.  Mostly by looking at schooling options, and considering signing up for courses – one course for plan A, one course for plan B.  Oh, and at the same time, do the work that will keep plan C available as well.  What could go wrong? right…..

That has been much of what has occupied the far reaches of my brain this last month.  With a 35 to 45 minute commute, I have been able to catch up on my podcasts, and now I can think of how I want to restructure my future.

On this blog site – I will still keep up the posts, my greatest challenge is that I think “cancer sucks” is not the right domain that I should keep going with my “society sucks” run of posts.  I actually want them somewhere else, so that I can make a playlist for it.  I have a few options that I am trying to see if I can make them work.  I also might record them as VLOGS for my YouTube channel (the more serious one – not my more goofball one).

I am still working on my big 50,000 km bike video (probably not as big as one thinks), and have a few more ideas for cooking videos.  I have solidified my ideas for some scripts – they will be in the professional development, event planning, leadership field.  They might become the VLOGS.   One of the courses I have in mind will help separate a bunch of these concepts so that I can still maintain the Cancer predominance of these blogs for the subscribers.

Hopefully next month, I will be telling you about my first cysto in Halifax, there will be some garage build photos (and probably a video too), and I should have a better grasp on how I am going to format the new changes.

Thanks for sticking around with me through this journey – I know that now we are starting a new chapter on rebuilding my life vs going through treatments, so I appreciate that you still stick with me through it.

Featured photo is Peggy’s Cove, NS.  Got a nice ride down there before the rains came.


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