A bio is an interesting thing to write, when you first have to decide – where to start?  Should a person go in chronological order and start by telling you where they were born, or do you start with now and work backwards.  I have decided that I will do things a little differently – reverse chronological by phase, and end it when it gets boring.

Basic stats – mid 40s, married, raised 2 kids who are now in their 20s.

My Cancer journey started in May of 2014, diagnosed almost by accident as I was undergoing my annual aircrew medical.  Even though I was in a non-flying position, I was still expected to keep my medical current/mostly up to date.  Not for any reason that I might fly, but I would expect that career managers always need to know if anything changes that would prevent a person from being posted back to the flight line.  Such is what has happened to me.  Initially concerned that I might be diabetic and have kidney problems, the Doc had sent me for an ultrasound of my kidneys, and a 2 inch by 2 inch tumor was discovered in my bladder.

All this has resulted in being moved from Yellowknife to Edmonton for treatment.  In Edmonton, I am off work and my main focus is to be prepared for treatments, which come in bunches, and I have now started referring to it as “Lather, Rinse, Repeat”, to signify the “Scope, Surgery, and BCG” cycle that has now started to repeat itself.

All this came at the 24 year point of my military career, that consisted of 20 years as an Air Navigator (can’t bring myself to use the new weird trade name) on the mighty CH-124 Sea King Helicopter.  Based in Pat Bay, BC or Shearwater, NS.  This allowed me to travel the world on the back of Navy ships wherever they went.  After 20 years of flying, I became the J5 Plans at Joint Task Force – North in Yellowknife, where I was a the main planning Officer for Northern Operations.  Took a time out for one tour in Afghanistan as a desk officer for the NATO Headquarters in Kandahar(Dec 08-Jul 09).

In my breaks between treatments, I try to keep myself occupied both physically and mentally.  So, I have spent a large portion of my time trying to promote, organize and attend charity fundraising events.  I also need to focus some time and energy on the “new normal” and a long term plan.

Enough for now?  If you have questions about me, send it via my contact page.