pitch black movie character rise of the guardians


I get quite a bit of inpiration from childrens movies…… I remember telling the good mental healthy guy I had in Yellowknife what I learned watching the Disney movie Cars.
This inspiration comes from “Rise of the Guardians”.

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scotch bottle mug beside motorcycle

End of the year

Things will continue to be what they have been the last few years – the only thing I can say will happen, will be that nothing stays the same.

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man with pick hello kitty backpack

Growing up is hard to do

I knew a medical release would come eventually – when should I start to get ready?
Crap- now I am behind schedule.

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LCol Chris Spearin RIP picture

Rest in Peace – Chris Spearin

This week, myself and a large group of others, said goodbye to an old friend.His Cancer was not unknown to me. I have lost other friends in the last 10 years with the exact same type – most notably was an old family friend, 1 week before we lost Chris. Not my friend, but connected to Chris by the same Cancer – Gord Downie (many Canadians probably have heard that name).

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rob and grandson

POST 100 – its a milestone

When I started blogging, I asked a couple other bloggers some questions. One of the answers I received, was that I needed to commit to complete 100 posts, before really saying that I knew where I wanted to go as a blogger.

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inertia calvin hobbes

Momentum – science of a patient

The laws of physics come to a blog post.

Bet you didn’t see that coming. High School science class is discussed here. I love the Bill Watterson interpretation.

This is my Gretzky post (#99)

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Tactical Beaver cancer

RIP Hutch

In our adult life, Cancer has touched us at likely every corner.
Through memories, and stories, we honour them.

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blog air travel fail

Follow through

If anyone follows me on Twitter you will have probably noticed the tweets in February about my frustrations with Air Canada.Well, one thing that I think never happens, is that nobody ever posts the details of the aftermath and final resolution of the spur of the moment venting. Then I thought to myself – “self, you have a blog, you can talk about this”.So, here we are.

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Greatest Hits

how does that song go?
The hits keep coming, they don’t stop coming, gotta hit the ground running……….
something like that

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