Society as a network, not community

This is part 2 in my opinion series that I wanted to give a title like “Society sucks”, or “what I think is wrong with the world today” etc. Mostly these posts are based on my observations of the world around me.  It started as one big long post – but now is being broken into a trilogy (even though I have the idea for a part 4 now). Part 1 is available HERE As life changes, I think I have figured out why society is going down the tubes. My current neighbourhood is the prime example.  Everyone mostly ignores each other…. Why has that changed over the years?   I have… Read More

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Our group in Society

It is quite surprising how every once in a while, suddenly many things become more clear.  I had been struggling with some thoughts, not understanding some mental philosophy concepts that were roaming around in my brain.  A couple of podcasts have managed to provide the vocabulary that I was searching for to help express my thoughts. This post series (of 3) will be a cross between a “dealing with Cancer mental health” piece, a bit of a rant, dash of politics, and a large dollop of what I think is wrong with society today.  I will mix this all together in a bowl, bake at 350 for 12 minutes and… Read More

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Everyone approaches and understands death in many different ways.
I need to change my will now – but probably not for the reason you think.

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The option

sometimes I get some really odd questions, recently the Global Morning meteorogist asked a question, that I feel needed a more in-depth reply.

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October 2017 – big update

Well, it has been awhile. I shouldn’t disappear for so long. So much to catch everyone up on.

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My “One Week” – 2017 Version

So, have you watched the movie? Short summary here – Guy with Cancer diagnosis goes on a long trip, does some discovery along the way.

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Are you aware? May Update

Are you aware about Canadas 5th most common cancer? do you know its mortality rate? do you know when is Bladder Cancer awareness month?

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ahhh, memories

Memories are sometimes not great ways to highlight good times, or remind you of just how long things have been dragging.

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Quarterly video, monthly update

my Monthly update, done as a quarterly video.
talk about the past, my present motivation (or lack thereof), and getting some future stuff in the works.
and a yellow tutu is part of the discussion.

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March update and my new strategy?

March is here, and my new ideas for 2017 aren’t working out as planned. Lets make some new ideas, and go back to planning my blog posts better. But love the commercials in a mens room.

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