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POST 100 – its a milestone

When I started blogging, I asked a couple other bloggers some questions. One of the answers I received, was that I needed to commit to complete 100 posts, before really saying that I knew where I wanted to go as a blogger.

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inertia calvin hobbes

Momentum – science of a patient

The laws of physics come to a blog post.

Bet you didn’t see that coming. High School science class is discussed here. I love the Bill Watterson interpretation.

This is my Gretzky post (#99)

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Tactical Beaver cancer

RIP Hutch

In our adult life, Cancer has touched us at likely every corner.
Through memories, and stories, we honour them.

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blog air travel fail

Follow through

If anyone follows me on Twitter you will have probably noticed the tweets in February about my frustrations with Air Canada.Well, one thing that I think never happens, is that nobody ever posts the details of the aftermath and final resolution of the spur of the moment venting. Then I thought to myself – “self, you have a blog, you can talk about this”.So, here we are.

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December 2018 – update

Things are busy for me getting ready for winter, trying to make our house, “our home”, fixing all the Murphy’s law issues (leaking dishwasher, range hood microwave died etc), while getting a garage built to winter store so many things (like my motorcycle). Winter is coming

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November 2018 – routine

A new month is upon us, the leaves have changed colour, there is a chill in the air, and the motorcycle is likely about to be put away for its winter hibernation.  Well – once I have a garage built.

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when I mean big changes,
I mean HUGE, really HUGE.
might even be called life altering.

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It is getting harder to find a good group of people

So my first part of this was talking about how challenging it has been for me in my new location to try and fit in.  Then in the second part I comment on how society has changed so that people are less accountable to those around them. In this third part, I will point out what the (hopefully) logical conclusion from some of these statements.  Most of it is my speculation and connecting some dots on things that I have read, that may not necessarily be connected. I would like to state that this is almost an interesting conspiracy theory.

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Society as a network, not community

This is part 2 in my opinion series that I wanted to give a title like “Society sucks”, or “what I think is wrong with the world today” etc. Mostly these posts are based on my observations of the world around me.  It started as one big long post – but now is being broken into a trilogy (even though I have the idea for a part 4 now). Part 1 is available HERE As life changes, I think I have figured out why society is going down the tubes. My current neighbourhood is the prime example.  Everyone mostly ignores each other…. Why has that changed over the years?   I have… Read More

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Our group in Society

It is quite surprising how every once in a while, suddenly many things become more clear.  I had been struggling with some thoughts, not understanding some mental philosophy concepts that were roaming around in my brain.  A couple of podcasts have managed to provide the vocabulary that I was searching for to help express my thoughts. This post series (of 3) will be a cross between a “dealing with Cancer mental health” piece, a bit of a rant, dash of politics, and a large dollop of what I think is wrong with society today.  I will mix this all together in a bowl, bake at 350 for 12 minutes and… Read More

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