As a result of a substantial amount of time on my hands, I was looking for creative outlets. I reached way back into my history as a leader for Scouts Canada and after having won a paracord lanyard at a poker run, knew I could do something similar.

I started with making some Yellow and red paracord bracelets for family, as part of Bladder Cancer awareness.  I took them to my local support group meeting, where they liked them and said I should consider making them as a fundraiser.
I took that advice to heart and starting investigating larger quantities of paracord, and a good friend made me a little rack that I can use to make them to custom length easily, and so it begins.

I then made a couple different items – biker wallet lanyards.  With the ability to do custom colors, I have been able to put together some sets that I have donated to other fundraising groups to use as door prizes etc.

Since I started doing this I have been able to make some dog leashes, keychains, and lanyards of various designs and colors.

All proceeds from the making of these items will be donated to the fall Bladder Cancer Awareness walk here in Canada.  Eventually I will make a store, but learning how to do that hasn’t been a priority right now, so…..

If there is something you would like made, please drop me a line, on the CONTACT ME page and lets see what we can do.

I have named this little venture – ‘Cancer made me do this’ as I would not have been going down this path without it.  This will now become a scene in the story of my new world (if it were made into a TV show of the same title).

Thanks for following me on this journey, please consider sharing this with your friends and family.