rob and grandson

POST 100 – its a milestone

When I started blogging, I asked a couple other bloggers some questions. One of the answers I received, was that I needed to commit to complete 100 posts, before really saying that I knew where I wanted to go as a blogger.

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Tactical Beaver cancer

RIP Hutch

In our adult life, Cancer has touched us at likely every corner.
Through memories, and stories, we honour them.

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Everyone approaches and understands death in many different ways.
I need to change my will now – but probably not for the reason you think.

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RIP Colin Hackett

Another friend has forced Cancer to accept a tie.
Please learn about a young father, teacher, coach, and my friend.

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Veteran thoughts

As we approach November 11th, many things highlight the world of Veterans. A couple items sparked my brain to finally post some of these borderline ranting, rambling, thoughts.

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Erin Doyle Memorial Poker Run- event update

The Erin Doyle Memorial Poker Run in Legal, AB, for the Kids with Cancer Society.

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Charity event update

Short report on how the recent Cancer fundraiser in Drumheller AB went, and some quick notes about upcoming events. The charity ride scene is picking up steam…

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RIP Barry Tait

I was listening to a podcast from a fellow Cancer patient recently, and he was recounting a story that he heard on another podcast from comedian Norm Macdonald.  When a person dies of Cancer, it doesn’t really really count as losing the battle, as technically, the Cancer that is withing his body, dies to.  So, this counts as a tie. Well, my old friend Barry forced Cancer to settle for a tie recently.  After 17 years of living with Cancer, it returned with a vengance this year.  He was 76. I first met Barry in 1981, when they moved from the big city to the sprawling lands of the Lower… Read More

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Rest in Peace Brian.

I was looking at a number of items that I haven’t completed… I have 4 blog posts in draft format, dating back to mid June.  I have hours of video, mostly unedited, quite a bit not yet viewed, and still a full memory card in the camera – not downloaded. I was feeling sorry for myself when the email came in.  A very good friend and mentor had passed after a brief, but vigorous, battle with cancer.  I reflected upon the past, and poured a rum and coke in his honour. After my diagnosis and move to Edmonton last year, Brian was one of the few people from my past… Read More

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