March 2018 – monthly update

the sun continues to rise on what might make 2018 an interesting year.

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Our group in Society

It is quite surprising how every once in a while, suddenly many things become more clear.  I had been struggling with some thoughts, not understanding some mental philosophy concepts that were roaming around in my brain.  A couple of podcasts have managed to provide the vocabulary that I was searching for to help express my thoughts. This post series (of 3) will be a cross between a “dealing with Cancer mental health” piece, a bit of a rant, dash of politics, and a large dollop of what I think is wrong with society today.  I will mix this all together in a bowl, bake at 350 for 12 minutes and… Read More

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Veteran thoughts 2017

In starting to branch into more opinion based content, I have put some more of my thoughts together on the current frustrations that I see in the world of Veterans, and battling with the beauracracy.

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November 2017

Well, I think the best statement to make about October would have been:

That didn’t go as expected.

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Veteran thoughts

As we approach November 11th, many things highlight the world of Veterans. A couple items sparked my brain to finally post some of these borderline ranting, rambling, thoughts.

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More summer charity events

After my short lack of attendance due to treatments 16, 17, and 18, I am getting back on the charity events bandwagon. Half the season is gone, time to get rolling.

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Jessie Tylre Williams

Charity Event spotlight – National Concert Series Edmonton

This gala event is raising funds for PTSD initiatives supporting Veterans and First Responders

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Charity Event Spotlight – Guitars 4 VETS.

Charity Event spotlight will be where I try to talk about events that are close to my heart, and that I hopefully attend, or in future, have a part in organizing.

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Rest in Peace Brian.

I was looking at a number of items that I haven’t completed… I have 4 blog posts in draft format, dating back to mid June.  I have hours of video, mostly unedited, quite a bit not yet viewed, and still a full memory card in the camera – not downloaded. I was feeling sorry for myself when the email came in.  A very good friend and mentor had passed after a brief, but vigorous, battle with cancer.  I reflected upon the past, and poured a rum and coke in his honour. After my diagnosis and move to Edmonton last year, Brian was one of the few people from my past… Read More

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