when I mean big changes,
I mean HUGE, really HUGE.
might even be called life altering.

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Monthly Update – December 2017

As the Christmas season is in full swing, time waits for no one.
Things to do, places to go – yet, my appointment calendar is fuller this month.

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October 2017 – big update

Well, it has been awhile. I shouldn’t disappear for so long. So much to catch everyone up on.

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Quarterly video, monthly update

my Monthly update, done as a quarterly video.
talk about the past, my present motivation (or lack thereof), and getting some future stuff in the works.
and a yellow tutu is part of the discussion.

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Priorities – a shift in strategy?

In 2016, many of my blog posts were scheduled, planned on a spreadsheet, and determined well in advance. 2017, I want to be more impulsive, unscheduled, and unpredictable.

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November update

November update – discussing some procedures, BCG treatments, and the end of the riding season.

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More to add

I forgot to include a few things on my last video… I remembered them during the editing, but still forgot to add them.  I explain my mind racing a little better – I think, but I also remembered the shout out that I wanted to do.  I did this quickly – 1 take… so that I didn’t forget again. Here is the link to the Dalhousie group that I encourage all my Halifax friends, family etc to check out. From thier “about” section  – Bladder cancer is currently the fifth most common cancer in Canada but has very little awareness and reasearch funding compared to other major cancers. We would like… Read More

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